About UnRuly Gyal

UnRuly Gyal Dance Lifestyle

UnRuly Gyal is a Caribbean inspired dance lifestyle brand that uses the artistic elements of dancehall and soca to empower women by providing a space for them to let go and be free. We do this be offering a dancehall/soca dance program, signature UnRuly Gyal dance classes, creating entertaining and interactive dance productions that brings together all aspects of the performing arts as well as creating fun and memorable dance lifestyle events.  

UnRuly Gyal Dance Classes and Events 

 UnRuly Gyal offers signature Dancehall and Soca dance classes that have its own unique style. Each UnRuly Gyal class allows women to let go, be free and be confident. Along with classes UnRuly Gyal plans a variety of workshops and events that allows you to let go and be free in a nonjudgmental space. Our after parties are one of a kind.    


UnRuly Gyal Program

The UnRuly Gyal dancehall and soca dance training/performance program is the first of its kind in Toronto. Our program is created for women by women. It is sexy fun and full of all things fabulous. Particpants in the program train for 8-10 weeks preparing for the hottest live show which they perform in. The live show ends with an epic after party.

We work with you to help you improve your knowledge and skills. From beginners to more advance learners, there is a spot waiting for you. 

We will also call upon selected dancers who are serious about dancing for future performances with the Unruly Gyal professional performance group.


UnRuly Gyal Production

An Unruly Gyal production uses the artistic and energetic elements of dancehall and Soca to create entertaining and breath taking performances that uses all aspects of the performing arts. From costumes to music we bring the entire experience. Our productions feature the ladies from the Unruly Gyal dance program as well as talented and passionate performers who are part of the UnRuly Gyal collective. Each production has a unique theme that captivates the audience and allows an interactive experience.