Our Story

Kay-Ann Ward (AKA- Island Wife, Spiritual Jedi Level 185)) and Jen Nova (AKA- Russian Wifey Spy)


"The love for Dancehall brought us together. As well, at a time when the  space was taken up by so many males, we had the need to create something  that was for the ladies."

At the time, Kay-Ann was already teaching and running her business under Caribbean Movements.

And in Jen’s words: “I slid into Kay-Ann’s DM, stalked her and she couldn’t resist but to say yes and work with me”.

The truth is Kay-Ann was accustomed to working by herself and wasn’t sure about taking on a partnership.

However, we both knew we wanted more, we are both really passionate and  smart women, we both enjoy and appreciate the Caribbean culture, we love  how we feel when we dance to Dancehall and Soca.

Though, we have two different backgrounds, we decided to give it a try,  and we started with workshops and classes. We learned as we went along,  and from there we just kept on going. 


Prior to teaming up with Jen, Kay-Ann comes with over 10 + years of  teaching experience specializing in Caribbean dance, choreographing and  creative directing. Born in Jamaica she is very passionate about  sharing her culture with others as well as empowering women. 

She  was at a place of “what is next?” in her career, when she decided to  say yes to more experiences and opportunities that came her way, insert  Jens timing of wanting to work together and it was like the stars all  lined up to make it happen. 


Jens eyes was  opened to Caribbean dance at a time when it was flooding social media.  After researching Dancehall in Toronto she came across Kay-Ann’s  information. Though her first contact with Kay-Ann didn’t go anywhere  the two connected a few  years later, with Jen being that much more  eager to explore and learn. She brings her knowledge of structure  through training in various dance forms such as ballet and ballroom,  love and natural ability to execute aspects of Caribbean dance, as well  as her drive to create a brand and empower women.

Fast Forward 

We decided to continue and build a brand that we care  about and that we strongly believe provides a safe and fun space for all  women like ourselves to let go and be free while learning some of the  hottest dance moves.

So far, we have had 4 dance programs, 4 live shows and after parties,  hosted girls night out events, created a performance group that has  performed at a variety of events in and out of Toronto.

We brought our passion, crazy personalities and strengths together which created the perfect mix.

We trust each other, care for each other and this translates into our  work and our friendship. We can honestly say that we have each other’s  back outside of business.

UnRuly Gyal is for all women

For the women who love and deserve to feel good about themselves.
It’s for women like yourself and women like us.
We love dance, fashion, music and everything that helps us grow into our  best selves. We decided that we are going to be ourselves and build a  brand within and around that, so that other women can see our  transparency and have a space to flourish. While Caribbean music and  dance is a great foundation to help us do so. Because the culture is so  free and beautiful.

UnRuly Gyal is Caribbean inspired because that’s what brought us  together. And everything else that we attach to UnRuly Gyal is a form of  expression that comes from each of our unique personalities and styles.
We are very similar yet very different, and we want to celebrate this  and encourage other women to celebrate their similarities and  differences with each other.


About UnRuly Gyal

UnRuly Gyal Dance Lifestyle


UnRuly Gyal is a Caribbean inspired dance lifestyle brand that uses the artistic elements of dancehall and soca to empower women by providing a space for them to let go and be free. We do this by offering  signature UnRuly Gyal dance classes, creating entertaining and interactive dance productions that brings together all aspects of the performing arts as well as creating fun and memorable dance lifestyle events.  



UnRuly Gyal Dance Classes and Events


 UnRuly Gyal offers signature Dancehall and Soca dance classes that have its own unique style. Each UnRuly Gyal class allows women to let go, be free and be confident. Along with classes UnRuly Gyal plans a variety of workshops and events that allows you to let go and be free in a nonjudgmental space. Our after parties are one of a kind.     


UnRuly Gyal Production


An Unruly Gyal production uses the artistic and energetic elements of dancehall and Soca to create entertaining and breath taking performances that uses all aspects of the performing arts. From costumes to music we bring the entire experience. Our productions features the ladies from the Unruly Gyal performance group. Each production has a unique theme that captivates the audience and allows an interactive experience.